Crown of thorns (Corona Acus)

September 12, 2021

Idea for this web site has been hibernating or should I say germinating for over five years.

At one point (2015) I asked Yi Jing about the future of this web site and the hexagram I got was "Before Completion" which is the last, the 64th hexagram in the traditional sequence of Yi Jing hexagrams.

This hexagram sent a message that the time we lived in in 2015 was and still is the time of great change (the end time and the beginning time) - one cycle has finished and a new phase in the history of the world is beginning.

The time for this website has arrived.

Now, five years later it is clear that a very powerful force behind the curtain is trying to usher a new age of human slavery, all pervasive tyranny with no personal freedoms whatsoever.

Their ambitions are great and their powers are immense:

  • they have full control of money supply (they can print practically unlimited amount of money in practically any country in the world),
  • they have full control of so called mainstream media (MSM) and for the past almost two years they have been using those resources to push vast amounts of people into mass-psychosis,
  • they have control of academia (universities etc) and scientific community,
  • they have full control of government officials (politicians and political parties) and through them they control tools of physical oppression (such as military and the police),
  • they have full control of big pharma,
  • they have full control of food supply through mega corporations,
  • they have full control of the medical profession (doctors etc) through regulatory bodies and hospital managers,
  • they have full control of international bodies such as the World Health organization and the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund etc,
  • they have full control of the so called "entertainment industry", so called "celebrities" etc.
  • they have full control of big tech (companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. are 100% onboard with their evil agenda).

This list is very impressive, isn't it?

Do we stand a chance against such a formidable enemy?

Yes, we do.

The reasons for optimism are very simple:

  • We are many they are few,
  • They have tried those evil things many times in the past and they failed every time,
  • Forces of light are stronger than forces of darkness - that was always the case, that is the case now and that will be the case in the future,
  • Those who strive for life are always stronger than those who have death, destruction and evil in their hearts.

So who are they?

Some people say they are The Rothschilds and The Rockefellers, some say it is The Illuminati, some say it is the Jesuits and Vatican, some say it is British Royal Family and Freemasonry... Some even think they may be extraterrestrial considering how evil they are (as if humans have not proven time and time again that they are also capable of evil of that magnitude).

If you want to learn more about those theories please watch The Fall of the Cabal video on Bitchute and also here.

The truth is - I do not know exactly who "they" are.

What I know for sure is this:

- They do exist and they hold real power on this planet,
- They worship the Devil; I have no doubts about that,
- They are extremely evil.

Their modus operandi is often depicted in old illustrations: “Solve et coagula” — Separate and Join To- gether (or “dissolve and coagulate” in Latin).

What they are doing now is exactly that: they are bringing about utter destruction of (primarily) western societies with the intention of building a dystopian society from the ashes of the Western civilization.

They have wholehearted support from China and Russia in this project for a simple reason: anyone willing to destroy their main foe (the US) is free to do that, they won't be in the way.

Sadly and somewhat surprisingly both the US and Europe (so called elites supported by a sizable portion of their population) are actively participating in their own demise. Canada and Australia are in the same boat as the US.

They have also accelerated moral decay of the west (including the US, or should I say primarily the US) which will be followed by a financial and economic ruin (societies that accept assertion that men give birth to children have no future, societies that promote mass-murder of children (both born and unborn) do not have future).

They have marginalized Christian religion with clear intention to leave people without any moral compass ("it is right if it feels right", "it does exist if I think it exists", "my truth is the only truth that exists") and any source of spiritual protection, inspiration and encouragement during the hard times.

As of today it appears millions of people all around the world have been injected with a poisonous substance (gene therapy) deceitfully called Covod-19 vaccine.

Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon in his recent video claims that this "vaccination campain" is nothing short of global genocide - biggest crime ever commited.

Officially tens of thousands have died from covid "vaccine" side-effects. The real numbers are believed to be at least 10 to 100 times bigger. And this is only during the first 6 months after the "vaccines" have been introduced.

What will the next 2-3 years bring no one knows for certain but there is every reason to be concerned about medium and long-term effects of this mass poisoning.

With the introduction of so called "Vaccine Passports" many people who otherwise trusted the official narrative, trusted the government and MSM information, realized something does not seem to be right.

If 80% of the adult population have already been vaccinated why is it necessary to introduce health passports especially in the situation when health officials admit covid "vaccines" do not prevent infection or transmission of the disease?

There is something peculiarly odd about this request, they feel.

Masking did not make sense but they agreed to do their part, lockdowns did not make sense but they agreed to limit their freedom of movement, gene therapy produced in record short time did not make sense but they agreed to take it.

Vaccine passports totally do not make sense because those who push for it do not even pretend that vax passports will get us out of the pandemic emergency state any time soon.

So why are they insisting on the vax passports then?

Because this is the next important step towards their goal of total enslavement of humanity.

They needed a fake pandemic in order to inject people with poison, they needed poisonous "vaccines" in order to introduce passports, they need passports in order to formalize total control of the population.

That is the chain of events which lead us to where we are right now.

Many people are overwhelmed with fear, anxiety, depression, uncertainty...

Those extreme feelings are artificially induced by the media, health officials and politicians for a reason - fear is their main tool for manipulation of the masses.

Without fear they would not be able to advance towards their evil goals, people would simply stop listening, no one would obey their orders. Fear is in the heart of their evil plan.

Their crime is so big they simply cannot abandon it half way through - they have put all the chips on the table, they know it is us or them, there will be no room for compromise after this.

We Christians will put our faith in God and his son Jesus Christ so their fear mongering won't work with us.

If you consider yourself a non-religious person this may be the time to seek protection for yourself and your family in Jesus because he said:

I am the way and the truth and the life

He said

Jesus told him, ‘Don’t be afraid; just believe.

It is also said:

“So have no fear of them, for nothing is covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known."

"...for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control."

"So we can confidently say, 'The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?'”

See more here...

I will use this beautiful book, Yi Jing, and try to bring some clarity into the future that awaits us.

My sincere hope is this will give you strength to deal with all the challenges of the present time and dispel at least some of the anxieties that you may have due to the madness happening around us at this time.

Listen to what Yi Jing has to say and trust God and always ask Him for protection, wisdom and peace.